Our Patriots


These are the patriots our members honor with their membership!
Patriot Name State Service
Abendschon Reinholt PA Patriotic Service
Abendschon Samuel PA Patriotic Service
Abernathy John Jr VA Patriotic Service
Abernathy John Sr VA Patriotic Service
Abott Benjamin Jr NH Sergeant
Aiken Robert PA Private
Andereck Christian VA Soldier (No details known)
Apple/Appell Andrew PA Patriotic Service
Arnold Job RI Private
Auxier Samluel VA Private
Babbitt Elkanah MA Private
Balch William Goodwin NC Patriotic Service
Bartlett Stephen NH Lieutenant
Belt Thomas MD Private
Berry William MA Private
Betzer/Betts Wilhelmus NY Private
Blakeney John SC Captain
Blakeney John Sr SC Captain
Bliss Samuel MA Private
Bouldin Thomas Jr VA Ensign
Bouldin Thomas Sr VA Patriotic Service
Bowen Reuben VA Private
Boyd John NC Noncomissioned Officer
Bradford Carpenter MA Civil Service
Brocklebank John MA Private
Brosett Pierre LA Patriotic Service
Broughton Michael CT Private
Bulkley James Jr VA Sergeant
Burrill Theophilus MA Private
Bushong Jacob VA Private
Butterfield Benjamin VT Patriotic Service
Calkins Joel CT Private
Campbell Enos NJ Private
Cansler Philip W NC Civil Service
Carroll Thomas SC Soldier (No details known)
Carothers Nathan PA Private
Cary Abel NJ Private
Catland John MA Sergeant
Challis William NH Patriotic Service
Clark Stephen NH Captain & Patriotic Service
Conant Ephraim MA Private
Conant Peter Sr MA Soldier (No details known)
Condit Jonathan NJ Captain
Cook William Sr MD Private
Corbin Elisha MA Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Cornell Ebenezer MA Private
Coram William C. VA Private
Crane Silas NJ Private
Crisler John George VA Patriotic Service
Darby Elias Hasket MA Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Davidson William PA Private
Dickerman Jonathan  Sr CT Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Doolittle Lucius MA Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Dorman Samuel MD Soldier (No details known)
Eaton Enoch NH Private
Edelen Susannah Wathen MD Patriotic Service
Eddy John RI Captain
Elliott Barnard NH Private
Emerick Andrew PA Private & Patriotic Service
Enlow Abraham PA Soldier (No details known) & Patriotic Service & Civil Service
Flake Samuel NC Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Fleck Peter PA Private
Galbraith Arthur VA Civil Service
Gardner Benjamin Jr NY Sergeant
Gaston James SC Patriotic Service & Private
Gaston John Sr SC Civil Service
Gaston William SC Captain
Groff Christian VA Private
Hamilton Obadiah MA Private
Handley Archibald VA Civil Service
Hartwell Samuel MA Private
Hawley Elisha CT Patriotic Service
Hay William VA Patriotic Service
Hecox Truman CT Private
Hickok Truman CT Private
Hicks John Jr MA Patriotic Service
Hildreth Jonathan Jr NH Private
Holder Nathaniel MA Private
Hopkins Oliver RI Private
Horton William NY Private
Hotard Mathieu LA Patriotic Service
Hughes John VA Captain
Hull Samuel Sr CT Sergeant
Hurd Crippen Jr CT Private
Hurst John VA Patriotic Service
Irwin Arthur NC Patriotic Service & Soldier (No details known)
Johnson Moses VA Private
Johnston Charles NH Lieutenant Colonel & Patriotic Service & Civil Service
Kennedy Joseph SC Patriotic Service & Private
Kidder Samuel MA Private
Kimball Joseph RI Captain
Landis Jacob PA Patriotic Service & Private
Law Consider NY Private
Leavitt John Jr CT Private
Lermond Alexander MA Civil Service
Lermond William MA Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Little George SC Captain & Patriotic Service
Little William NC Captain & Patriotic Service
Litton Moses VA Private
Litton Solomon VA Lieutenant & Patriotic Service
Livingston Henry VA Patriotic Service
Luther Caleb RI Private
Lyon Aaron Sr MA Civil Service
Malick Henry  Andreas NJ Private
McCreary James NC Patriotic Service
McGarrah William VA Private
McKenzie Moses MD Noncommissioned Officer
McMaster Edward PA & NJ Patriotic Service & Private
Metcalf John Sr VA Civil Service
Miles John VA Private
Montague Richard MA Staff Officer
Morgan Zackquil VA & PA Private
Moseley Edward VA Patriotic Service & Captain
Mummert John PA Private
Musser Burkhardt PA Private & Patriotic Service
Norton Jonathan NH Patriotic Service
Norton Nathan NH Patriotic Service
Oldham Richard NC Private
Orvis Eleazer CT Patriotic Service
Parker Isaac CT Private
Pawling Henry Sr PA Patriotic Service
Pillow James VA Private
Piper Amasa MA Sergeant
Pittman James Green GA & VA  Lieutenant
Rand Ephraim NH Private
Raymond John Sr CT Private
Read/Reed Joseph Jr NH Ensign & Civil Service
Richards Charles PA Private
Robinson Archibald MA Second Lieutenant
Rogers John NC Private
Rorebaugh John VA Patriotic Service
Roush Philip VA Private
Sargent Nehemiah MA Private
Shaffer Frederick VA Private
Shepard David MA Captain & Surgeon
Sherman Roger CT Signed the Delaration of Independence & Patriotic Service
Shirley Michael VA Private
Shurtleff Silas MA Soldier (No details known)
Simms Augustin VA Private
Simms Richard VA Private
Slemp Frederick VA Private
Spear Allen NH Soldier (No details known)
Sprague William MA Civil Service
Steele Andrew VA Quarter Master
Stevens Christian PA Private
Sumner Hopestill MA Civil Service
Taylor Jeremiah NY Private
Thompson John NY Captain
Trogdon Samuel NC Patriotic Service
Trogdon William NC Patriotic Service
True Benjamin Sr NH Private & Patriotic Service
Turner Edward MA Lieutenant
Tuttle Samuel Sr MA Lieutenant
Tyler Bezaleel NY Captain
Wade Matthias NJ Private
Wagner Peter VA Colonel
Walker Benjamin PA Sergeant & Patriotic Service
Walters David PA Private
Ward John PA Private
Watson David NC Patriotic Service
Weatherholt Jacob VA Private
Webster Andrew MA Private
Welch John SC Soldier (No details known)
West Nathaniel MA Commander
Wetzel Adam VA Patriotic Service & Captain
Whitley Michael PA Captain
Wilcox John NC Patriotic Service
Williams William VA Patriotic Service
Willis Lewis VA Private
Willoughby Edlyne VA Private
Wilson Daniel VA Patriotic Service
Wilson Thomas Branch VA Lieutenant Colonel
Wood David MA Private
Wood Samuel MA Private
Woodbury William NH Private
Wright John Jr NC Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Wright John Sr VA Patriotic Service
Wright Robert VA Patriotic Service
Wright Thomas NC Private
Wyman John MA Private
Young Isaac CT Private
Young Robert NC Patriotic Service