Our Patriots

The National Society accepts service, with some exceptions, for the period between 19 April 1775 (Battle of Lexington) and 26 November 1783 (withdrawal of British Troops from New York) as follows:

Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Military Service, such as participation in:

  • Army and Navy of the Continental Establishment
  • State Navy
  • State and Local Militia
  • Privateers
  • Military or Naval Service performed by French nationals in the American theater of war

Civil Service, under authority of Provisional or new State Governments:

  • State Officials
  • County and Town Officials (Town Clerk, Selectman, Juror, Town Treasurer, Judge, Sheriff, Constable, Jailer, Surveyor of Highways, Justice of the Peace, etc.)

Patriotic Service, which includes:

  • Members of the Continental Congress, State Conventions, and Assemblies
  • Membership in committees made necessary by the War, including service on committees which furthered the cause of the Colonies from April 1774, such as Committees of Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety, committees to care for soldier's families, etc.
  • Signer of Oath of Fidelity and Support, Oath of Allegiance, etc.
  • Members of the Boston Tea Party
  • Defenders of Forts and Frontiers, and Signers of petitions addressed to and recognizing the authority of the Provisional and new State Governments
  • Doctors, nurses, and others rendering aid to the wounded (other than their immediate families)
  • Ministers who gave patriotic sermons and encouraged patriotic activity
  • Furnishing a substitute for military service
  • Prisoners of war or refugees from occupying forces
  • Prisoners on the British ship Old Jersey or other prison ships
  • Service in the Spanish Troops under Galvez or the Louisiana Militia after 24 December 1776
  • Service performed by French nationals within the colonies or in Europe in support of the American cause
  • Those who rendered material aid, in Spanish America, by supplying cattle for Galvez's forces after 24 December 1776
  • Those who applied in Virginia for Certificates of Rights to land for settlement and those who were entitled to and were granted preemption rights
  • Those who took the Oath of Fidelity to the Commonwealth of Virginia from October 1779 to 26 November 1783
  • Those who rendered material aid such as furnishing supplies with or without remuneration, lending money to the Colonies, munitions makers, gunsmiths, etc.



These are the patriots our members honor with their membership!  
Patriot Name   State Service
Abendschon Reinholt PA PS
Abendschon Samuel  PA PS
Abernathy John Jr VA PS
Abernathy John Sr VA PS
Abott Benjamin Jr NH SGT
Aiken Robert PA PVT
Andereck Christian VA SOL
Apple/Appell Andrew  PA PS
Arnold Job RI PVT
Auxier Samluel VA PVT
Babbitt Elkanah MA PVT
Balch William Goodwin NC PS
Bartlett Stephen NH LT  
Baxter, Sr Aaron  CT PVT
Belt Thomas MD PVT
Berry William MA PVT
Betzer/Betts Wilhelmus  NY PVT
Blakeney John SC CAPT
Blakeney John Sr SC CAPT
Bliss Samuel  MA PVT
Bouldin Thomas Jr VA ESN
Bouldin Thomas Sr VA PS
Bowen Reuben VA PVT
Bradford Carpenter MA CS
Brocklebank John MA  PVT
Brosett Pierre LA PS
Broughton Michael  CT PVT
Bulkley James Jr VA SGT
Burrill Theophilus MA PVT
Bushong Jacob VA PVT
Butterfield Benjamin VT PS
Calkins Joel CT PVT
Campbell Enos NJ PVT
Cansler Philip W NC CS
Carroll Thomas SC SOL
Carothers Nathan PA PVT
Cary Abel NJ PVT
Catland John MA SGT
Challis William NH PS
Clark Stephen NH CAPT & PS
Conant Ephraim MA PVT
Conant Peter Sr MA SOL
Condit Jonathan  NJ CAPT
Cook, Sr William  MD PVT
Corbin Elisha MA CS & PS
Cornell Ebenezer MA PVT
Coram William C. VA PVT
Crane Silas  NJ PVT
Crisler John George  VA PS
Darby Elias Hasket  MA CS & PS
Davidson William PA PVT
Dickerman Jonathan  Sr CT CS & PS
Doolittle Lucius MA CS & PS
Dorman Samuel  MD SOL
Eaton Enoch NH PVT
Edelen Susannah Wathen MD PS
Eddy John RI CAPT
Elliott Barnard  NH PVT
Emerick Andrew  PA PVT & PS
Enlow Abraham PA SOL & PS & CS
Flake Samuel  NC CS & PS
Fleck Peter  PA PVT
Galbraith Arthur VA CS
Gardner, Jr Benjamin NY SGT
Gaston James SC PS & PVT
Gaston John Sr SC CS
Gaston William SC CAPT
Groff Christian VA PVT
Hamilton Obadiah MA PVT
Handley Archibald VA CS
Hartwell Samuel  MA PVT
Hawley Elisha CT PS
Hay William  VA PS
Hecox Truman CT PVT
Hickok Truman CT PVT
Hicks John Jr MA PS
Hildreth, Jr Jonathan  NH PVT
Holder Nathaniel MA PVT
Hopkins Oliver RI PVT
Horton William NY PVT
Hotard Mathieu LA PS
Hughes John VA CAPT
Hull Samuel Sr CT SGT
Hurd Crippen Jr CT PVT
Hurst John  VA PS
Irwin Arthur NC PS & SOLDIER
Johnson Moses  VA PVT
Johnston Charles  NH LT COL & PS & CS
Kennedy Joseph SC PS & PVT
Kidder Samuel  MA PVT
Kimball Joseph RI CAPT
Landis Jacob PA PS & PVT
Law Consider NY PVT
Leavitt, Jr John CT PVT
Lermond Alexander MA CS
Lermond William MA CS & PS
Little George SC CAPT & PS
Little William  NC CAPT & PS
Litton Moses  VA PVT
Litton Solomon VA LT & PS
Livingston Henry VA PS
Luther Caleb RI PVT
Lyon, Sr Aaron  MA CS
Malick Henry  Andreas  NJ PVT
McCreary James NC PS
McGarrah William VA PVT
McKenzie Moses  MD NONCOM
McMaster Edward PA & NJ PS & PVT
Merrill Jessie NH PVT
Metcalf John Sr VA CS
Miles John VA PVT
Montague Richard  MA STAFFOF
Morgan Zackquil VA & PA PVT
Moseley Edward VA PS & CAPT
Mummert John PA PVT
Musser Burkhardt PA PVT & PS
Norton Jonathan  NH PS
Norton Nathan  NH PS
Oldham Richard  NC PVT
Orvis Eleazer CT PS
Parker Isaac CT  PVT
Pawling, Sr Henry PA PS
Pillow James VA PVT
Piper Amasa MA SGT
Pittman James Green GA & VA  LT
Rand Ephraim NH PVT
Raymond, Sr John CT PVT
Read/Reed, Jr Joseph NH ENS & CS
Richards Charles  PA PVT
Robinson Archibald MA 2LT
Rogers John NC PVT
Rorebaugh John VA PS
Roush Philip  VA PVT
Sargent Nehemiah MA PVT
Shaffer Frederick  VA PVT
Shepard David  MA CAPT & SURGN
Sherman Roger  CT SIGN DEC IND & PS
Shirley Michael  VA PVT
Shurtleff Silas  MA SOL
Simms Augustin VA PVT
Simms Richard  VA PVT
Slemp Frederick  VA PVT
Spear Allen NH SOL
Sprague William MA CS
Steele Andrew  VA QM
Stevens Christian PA PVT
Sumner Hopestill MA CS
Taylor Jeremiah NY PVT
Thompson John  NY CAPT
Trogdon Samuel  NC PS
Trogdon William NC PS
True, Sr Benjamin  NH PVT & PS
Turner Edward MA LT
Turner William VA PVT
Tuttle, Sr Samuel  MA LT
Tyler Bezaleel NY CAPT
Wade Matthias NJ PVT
Wagner Peter  VA COL
Walker Benjamin PA SGT & PS
Walters David  PA PVT
Ward John PA PVT
Warnock James NC PS
Watson David  NC PS
Weatherholt Jacob VA PVT
Webster Andrew  MA PVT
Welch John SC SOL
West Nathaniel MA CDR
Wetzel Adam VA PS & CAPT
Whitley Michael  PA CAPT
Wilcox John NC PS
Williams William VA PS
Willis Lewis VA PVT
Willoughby Edlyne VA PVT
Wilson Daniel VA PS
Wilson Thomas Branch VA LT COL
Wood David  MA PVT
Wood Samuel  MA PVT
Woodbury William  NH PVT
Wright John Jr NC CS & PS
Wright John Sr VA PS
Wright Robert VA PS
Wright Thomas NC PVT
Wyman John MA PVT
Young Isaac CT PVT
Young Robert NC PS

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